Snack culture

While working on one research project looking into digital technologies affect on media production, I stumbled upon this gem from the Video Vortex conference held earlier this year in Amsterdam. It’s a quote from the (always interesting) Geert Lovink. It was written for an upcoming book:

We no longer watch films or TV; we watch databases. Instead of well-defined programmes, we search one list after another. We are no longer at the mercy of cranky reviewers and monocultural multiplexes. what we run up against is the limitations of our own mental capacity. Which search terms will yield the best fragments? What was that title again? Does anyone know that director’s name? What was that band called? What category was it under? Does he know someone else with interesting tastes? Was that reference blogged anywhere? Does she know the URL? Was it under pets or entertainment? Welcome to snack culture: watch a clip and move on.

My ‘home movies’ project is still ‘the road I’m travelling’ for my Honours, but it’s important (to me) that it is somehow related to contemporary culture. I’m also looking into emotional mapping, visualisation, identity,archiving, databases and the ‘cultural DNA of content’ (yet another ‘Lovink term’ that’s bang on the mark for what I want to explore). Things shift and swirl…


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